Friday, February 11, 2011

Fairy Wings

I started stitching my Flat Fairy Doll wings yesterday at the doctor's office (my daughter has been ill and I took her for a doctor visit yesterday). I found the polka dot fabric at Walmart last week and bought a yard of it. I thought it would make nice wings.

I was glad to have the stitching and the Soft Dolls and Animals magazine while visiting the doctor. My daughter and I were there nearly 3 hours. When I finished sewing, I read her the magazine and she showed me which dolls she liked in it-and which ones she didn't!

The good news (and there's always some good news!) is that my daughter is on the road to recovery and she feels some better today! Perhaps I'll find some stitching time tonight.

Question: Does your local Walmart still sell fabric? I've heard they're remodeling the Walmart I shop at and taking the fabric department out. Luckily, there's a fabric store nearby but I've always loved the convenience of buying fabric at Walmart (since I'm there clothes and grocery shopping a lot).

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