Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not Liking This Project!

This is a swatch of the prayer shawl I've been making. As you can see, I've gotten about 2" done on the project. I'm not crazy about the yarn and I'm having to use an enormous size N hook to achieve the 8 sts=4" gauge, and I'm still a bit shy...I'm getting about 7.5 sts to 4". The hook is making the project appear too holey for my tastes. I making this shawl up as a test model anyway, then I'll probably go back and rework the pattern with a smaller hook and different yarn to see if I get better results. The recipient of this shawl has decided she wants it in a different color anyway. :)

Question: Don't you hate it when your projects don't turn out as pretty as you'd like, especially after dropping your hard-earned money on supplies?

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